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Cloud based Multi Platform POS System

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Retail POS System Singapore - Everything you need in Store

InspirePos System designed to add value to your Retail POS software experience. With our real time POS Software users can track their inventory in real time.

Our automated solutions are able to meet the needs of every industry requirements. It is easy to set up and is user-friendly. Inspire's Retail Point of Sale (POS) System works with a wide range of POS hardware and can assist you with a range of supporting functions. Save precious time on inventory management by recording important information on pricing and quantities in one platform. Keep a track on the inventory sold with detailed reporting and be alerted when supplies are running low. You can trust the reliability and efficiency of our Online Point-of-Sales solutions. Our fully integrated software is the first step towards helping your business grow and succeed. A must-have for all e-commerce solutions.

Streamline the retail checkout process of your business. A powerful reporting tool, you can now manage your sales clearly than before. Our iPad POS System technology combines cloud computing and wireless technology on a sleek touchscreen interface for your business needs. The iPad POS is an affordable and modern alternative. Your staff training will be effortless and customers will be impressed with the attractive design. The software is able to handle huge volumes of transactions per day making it ideal for small and big businesses alike. Store customer information on any sale and build a marketing database. This helps you understand their purchasing behaviour and stay ahead of competition. Make smarter business decisions with our Singapore Web based Point-of-sale (POS System) now.

Exchange and return
InspirePOS System's smart inventory system allows seamless exchange and return transactions with detailed reporting.
Two way payment method
Accept multiple payment modes with Inspirepos Retail POS System!
Offline Mode
Our Online POS System works even when Internet is down. Data are synchronised automatically once Internet is up! Peace of mind even when there's no connectivity.
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